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Hotel Bell Kaneyama Welcome to Mt. Fuji Resort & Business

"Welcome back""Welcome"
An inn where such words fit well.
It looks like a business hotel, but once you step inside, you'll be amazed at the gap!

~~ Notice of restaurant opening hours ~~
Currently, we are working in a short time to prevent infectious diseases.

【Opening Hours】From 17:30 to 20:00
In addition, we will respond to customers who wish after 20:00 by leaving the room.
Please use it at ease.

Greetings & staff introduction

  • Homelike Inn located along Katsura River River at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji

    A hotel with a feeling of home that makes you feel as if you are visiting a relative's house.
    With the motto "hospitality with everyone"
    Not to mention the staff who meet directly with customers
    To the behind-the-scenes staff who rarely meet
    Caricatures of all the staff are introduced at the front desk so that you can remember your face.
    *The caricature is drawn by the caricature world champion and painter "Raoh Tanaka".

    From leisure and event accommodation to country life experience night
    We also support long-term stays such as stays at two bases in the city and the countryside.
    We are also looking forward to traveling alone and for business!

About measures against Novel Coronavirus Disease

  • The following measures are taken at this facility.

    【Staff measures】
    ・We try to wash our hands and gargle, and wear masks to serve customers while being aware of the distance from our customers.
    ・We carry out regular temperature measurement.
    ・I try not to get infected by avoiding unnecessary and urgent going out.

    【Measures for this facility】
    ・We accept reservations with a limited number of people.
    ・We also support meals in the room, avoiding crowds.
    ・When cleaning the guest rooms, we perform sterilization cleaning including equipment.
    ・We perform sterilization cleaning at the time of cleaning after check-out.
    ・We regularly ventilate the common areas of the facility.
    ・We ask for your cooperation in room ventilation during your stay.
  • Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

    【Request to customers】
    ・Due to national policy, we ask you to confirm the location of the representative and accompanying person at check-in.
    ・At the time of check-in / out, we arrange and guide customers in consideration of the distance between them.
    ・In case of an emergency such as sudden fever or poor physical condition, please be sure to ask the staff.We will respond according to the emergency response manual.

During a staying campaign with dog Nyan☆

  • Presenting to those who wish!

    "One that feels good with Nyan" is an antibacterial brush that can be used by both people and pets.

    Limited to the first 100 bottles!
    Please feel free to ask ~

Official homepage limited plan

  • We are selling a plan only for HP reservations!

    ◆Prefectural limited Green Zone Accommodation Discount plan
    With the resumption of business from October 1, we will sell planThis time we have prepared a plan where you can eat the popular wine beef steak!
    *If you would like other meal types, please contact the hotel directly.

    ◆plan long-term stay
    Experience living in the country without troublesome procedures
    For the time being, why don't you try "living in a hotel with a low threshold" just by including utilities and accommodation?
    *Please feel free to contact us by phone if you are using monthly or traveling with children.

    Please see the plan for details.

Reuse shop "Megumi's Room" has opened

  • Open commemorative sale is being held!

    The "Reuse Shop Megumi's Room" has been preparing to open for some time.
    It opened on November 12, 2021.

    The driving force behind the opening of the shop is to change unnecessary things into necessary things and reduce unnecessary things from the world as much as possible!
    Costumes, kimonos, clothes and accessories that are connected to each other are waiting for your turn!
    It is a reuse shop only for guests and members, so you can drop in with confidence!

About GOTO Travel Campaign(Currently dormant)

Information in this facility

  • Hotel exterior

    Check In /15:00
    Check Out/10:00
    *plan time may vary depending on the plan.
  • Front desk

    We are implementing measures against Novel Coronavirus Disease
To the information page in this facility


Google Map

Hotel Name

Hotel Bell Kaneyama


9-8-10 Kamiyoshidahigashi, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Telephone number



Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC Lake Yamanakako and then turn left at the 9th traffic light

There is a pick-up service(conditions)
We accept reservations for transfers near Mt Fuji Station and Fuji-Q Highland
In the meantime, please contact us for detailed transportation such as recommended izakaya and convenience stores. (Until 22:00)
When it is crowded, we may share a carpool, so we appreciate your cooperation.

To traffic access page

Owner introduction

  • OWNER Megumi Date

    All the staff of the hotel,
    We look forward to welcoming you.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.